How to Apply for a Professional Development Grant

The New York Credit Union Foundation provides financial assistance to credit union employees and volunteers for attending education and training programs offered by the New York Credit Union Association.

Application Process

Please complete the online application and submit electronically. If you are unable to utilize the form, the printable application should be completed, scanned, and submitted electronically, with all necessary information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you cannot submit electronically, please fax to (518) 782-4266. 

Grant Range


Eligibility Requirements

All federal- and state-chartered credit unions located in New York State are eligible to apply. Applicants must be able to demonstrate financial need as a requirement for this program. The total amount of a grant award will vary for members and non-members of the New York Credit Union Association.

Use of Grant Funds

Professional Development Grants may be used for registration fees to attend professional development training and education workshops and conferences offered by or through the New York Credit Union Association.

Special Instructions

  • If the grant request is for an Association training session or for Convention, you will need to register for the event following your grant approval.
  • Credit unions may submit more than one application for Professional Development throughout the year until they reach the maximum fund limit
  • Credit unions are limited to using Professional Development Grants no more than two consecutive years for an event. For example: A grant is used for two years in a row for the Volunteer's Conference, allowing two different volunteers to attend, one each year. The third year, the credit union cannot use a Professional Development Grant for the Volunteer's Conference.


Professional Development online applications may be submitted throughout the calendar year or until grant funds have been depleted.

Professional Development Grant requests must be received at least ten days prior to the event.

The applicant will receive notification of a grant award decision within seven (7) business days from the date of the application submission.

Review Criteria

The Foundation will evaluate the grant application based on your credit union's financial need and performance.

Grant Award Limits

For Professionals Development Grants, the following asset size guidelines will be utilized for award limits per credit union:

$0-25 Million: $2,250
$25-50 Million: $1,750
Over $50 Million: $1,000

These guidelines are subject to modification at any time and are contingent upon the availability of funds. Unique circumstances may result in scholarship awards beyond the guidelines listed and by applying for a Professional Development Grant does not guarantee funding or full funding allotment.

Please note: Each credit union is eligible for a maximum of $5,750 in total grant funding per year. This includes all Professional Development, Small Credit Union and Smart Money grants.